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Antipodean Luxury Travel is a premier New Zealand travel specialist

Singapore-based, Antipodean Luxury Travel designs highly personalised itineraries and unique travel experiences within New Zealand for its guests. An Antipodean holiday embodies a more unique and immersive style of luxury travel tailored just for you, your family or your company.

With our extensive local knowledge and on-the-ground network, we connect our guests with the undiscovered wonders of New Zealand.  At Antipodean, we take the time to understand each of our guests’ needs, curating personalised itineraries filled with authentic experiences that exceed expectations.


Discover the wonders of New Zealand and the different possibilities of exploration during your vacation. With an astonishing variety of scenery, wide open spaces, crystal-clear rivers, marine life and surrounded by ocean, New Zealand is sure to delight and leave you with the most extraordinary memories, every trip.