Who We Are

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Curators of Special

The team at Antipodean Travel love to share cultural places, special spaces and connect you to refreshingly real people, so you and your family can experience a sense of freedom, create magical moments, and most of all reconnect.

With offices in Singapore and New Zealand, Antipodean Travel is a leading travel company, specialising in New Zealand and Australia, as well as South Pacific itineraries. Founded by New Zealander Alexandra Stewart, Antipodean brings a highly-specialised offering and new style of luxury to the region.

Its team of travel specialists curate one-of-a-kind, personalised itineraries that deliver fun and memorable experiences. At Antipodean, we take the time to understand each of our guests’ needs, to provide boutique travel concierge services specialising in exclusive, curated Australasian Experiences and Cruise options.

Alexandra and Dean

Owned and run by New Zealanders, what sets Antipodean apart is its deep connections within New Zealand and Australasia. We saw a need to offer something different to “off-the shelf luxury” holidays, and authentically deliver up something individual for each new client.

Alexandra Stewart
Founder and CEO

Entrepreneur, Lover of luxury travel and Mother

Dean Nikora
Executive Director

Passionate outdoorsman and award winning farmer

Alexandra and Dean have had a diverse and exciting range of travel experiences over the years. Dean enjoys hunting, fishing and flying and the serenity of our great outdoors. Alexandra’s has a business background and has travelled the world seeking new experiences in luxury travel and exploration.

Alexandra grew up in the South Island, Dean in the North Island and it’s their combined knowledge, family, friends and business connections across New Zealand that allow them to deliver something truly unique to Antipodean Luxury Travel’s clientele.

Our Values

Whanaungatanga – Family

Our sense of family connections is important to us. This extends to those who choose to be a part of our larger family group – they become our whanau.

Manaakitanga – Hospitality

Manuhiri (our Guests) are treated with the highest level of respect and honour when welcomed into our country, and into our communities.

Kaitiakitanga – Guardianship

As kaitiaki (guardians) of our land, we are responsible for protecting the environment and holding it in sacred trust for our grandchildren to inherit in years to come.

Our design story

The name of our company is “Antipodean” /anˌtɪpəˈdiːən/, referring to people from, or things relating to New Zealand or Australia. Our logo design is based on the actual meaning of “Antipodes”: Any place on earth that is the diametrically opposite point on the earth to it.

Which is why the English called New Zealand “the Antipodes“, and the name has stuck.

Our logo

By working with triangles and having them point upwards and downwards this:

  • Evokes the meaning of the word Antipodes, two points.
  • Indicates the movement of travel, with the opposing direction of the arrows.
  • Reflects the letter A in Antipodean.
  • Represents the North and South Island of New Zealand.